Our menus can be tailored to your school

Menus can be tailored to your school and can include


Ham Salad ( Lettuce, Peppers, Cucumber, Tomato, Ham, Egg, Coleslaw) *
Chicken Salad ( Lettuce,Peppers, Cucumber, Tomato,Chicken,Egg,Coleslaw)*
Egg Salad ( Lettuce, Peppers,Cucumber,Tomato,Egg,Coleslaw)*
Plain Pasta Salad
Pasta And Tomato Sauce
Pasta And Mediterranean Sauce
Pasta Chicken And Pesto**
Pasta Chicken And Sweetcorn

Healthy Sandwiches with bread options including

Half And Half Bread *
White Bread*
White Soft Roll**
Healthy Grain Brown Roll***
Gluten Free Bread

and fillings including

Plain Chicken
Plain Ham
Plain Cheese*
Ham And Cheese*
Roast Turkey
Tuna Mayo**
Plain Tuna No Mayo
Tuna Sweetcorn Mayo
Plain Tuna Sweetcorn No Mayo
Taco Chicken Mix***
Chicken Stuffing Mix Mayo****
Chicken Stuffing Mix No Mayo****
Egg Mayo
Plain Egg No Mayo
Strawberry Jam

We also have choices for snacks including

Yogurt Pot
Plain Rice Cake
Yogurt Rice Cake
2 Plain Rich Tea Biscuits
2 Digestive Biscuits
Cheese Portion
Cheese Triangle
Carrot Sticks
Plain Crackers*
Crackers And Butter*
Crackers Cheese And Butter*
Crackers Cheese No Butter*
Crackers Jam Butter*
Crackers Jam No Butter*
Crackers Honey Butter*
Crackers Honey No Butter*
Plain Pancakes**
Pancakes With Butter**
Pancakes Jam And Butter**
Pancakes Jam No Butter**
Pancakes Honey Butter**
Pancakes Honey No Butter**
Plain Scone***
Scone With Butter***
Scone Jam And Butter***
Scone Jam No Butter***
Scone Honey Butter***
Scone Honey No Butter***
Melon And Grape Bag

Orange Juice
Apple Juice

Our Suppliers

Ham – Mcglynn’s letterkenny
Turkey- Gildea meats letterkenny
Chicken- Pallas foods
Bread incl pancakes , rolls , wraps – Irish pride
Fruit-yogurt, Lidl
Rice cakes – Keelings

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison."
― Ann Wigmore